Avoiding incrementalism and utilizing ‘hook’ of essential terms

Mr. Klein, hoping to avoid incrementalism — “the biggest source of waste is everything the journalist has written before today,” he said — instead wants his journalists responsible for constantly updating pages that are the ultimate resource on a topic.

“It would be like a wiki page written by one person with a little attitude,” Ms. Bell explained.

To help accomplish this, the developers have been building a tool they call the card stack. The cards, trimmed in brilliant canary yellow, contain definitions of essential terms that a reader can turn to if they require more context. For example, a story updating the battle over the Affordable Care Act might include cards explaining the term “insurance exchange.”

Vox Takes Melding of Journalism and Technology to a New Level – NYTimes.com

Avoiding incrementalism will be especially important for every journalism website. We have seen the issues caused by the incrementalism of endless articles. I find many Japanese news websites not able to display well the mass of articles they issue daily, and their url of articles are often lost forever after some time because their content management system couldn’t maintain them.

Utilizing the hook of essential terms as VOX does is what will come after the endless incrementalism. It works as a reference point for each single articles where readers always turn to and we can observe visually how our wisdom accumulates.


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